GB’s media department plans, buys and manages online, broadcast, print, outdoor and specialty media services. Here, getting creative with even traditional media means your message — and investment — are experienced to their fullest effect. Insightful strategies and close relationships with media partners assure favorable rates, positions and potential for bonus media opportunities. All media activity is monitored, adjustments nimbly made, and benchmarked against overall brand and marketing goals.

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Branding & Advertising Development

JOURNEY WELL. Women's Healthcare Associates is in a unique position to deliver on their promise of providing the area's best holistic, long-term healthcare for all women— regardless of age, race, belief, or orientation. Strategic positioning for this brand began by drawing a clear and very visible distinction between WHA and general healthcare. Giving it a voice, a presence…

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Brand Campaign

GOOD FOOD FOR ALL. Generating national awareness and pull-through at retail called for hyper-targeted media across the top 9 U.S. markets for natural foods consumers. Moving into year 4 of the campaign, a combination of TV, online video and digital messages create a powerful demonstration of this beloved NW brand’s mission to deliver “Good food…

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Healthcare Marketplace Advertising

ENROLL, OREGON.  After high-profile problems plagued an earlier state-run effort, GB was brought on to re-launch awareness and enrollment in the federal health insurance program. Our statewide communications plan featured a hyper-targeted digital campaign to reach very specific audiences with unique messages. Combined with a refreshed presentation of clear, concise calls-to-action, more Oregonians than ever enrolled for coverage, and our…

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Secrets of Shipwrecks Campaign

PART HISTORY, PART MYSTERY.  New branding gave this coastal destination an intentional air of grown-up intrigue vs. one of more childlike fantasy, for a broader immediate appeal. Media weight was hyper-targeted to Portland metro and SW Washington, home to 70% of our audience. And without a single tacky pirate reference, this campaign put new wind in the…

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Convention Sales Campaign

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF PORTLAND. Planning a large-scale meeting requires coordinating a superhuman level of complex, technical detail: costs, logistics, schedules, facilities, transportation. Topping that, the destination itself needs to be lively. Attractive. A place convention attendees will enjoy once their work is over. Business-wise, conventions bring tremendous revenue to our city; in return,…

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Advertising & Video Production

IMPOSSIBLE IS WHERE BREAKTHROUGH BEGINS.Flextronics is that $30 billion company you've probably never heard of, but interact with everyday. A global design, manufacturing and logistics giant, Flextronics builds end-to-end solutions for the world's most respected brands and new ventures.  ApproachChanging a company's manufacturing process has huge cost implications—both in expense, and in potential extra value.…

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Integrated Marketing

MMM-BACON.ICS specializes in tools that make quick work of concrete demolition: specifically, innovative hydraulic chainsaws outfitted with diamond chain. These machines’ unique form factor allows them to do what most tools in this category can’t— making plunge cuts and square corners with ease, eliminating costly patching and repair work. Jobs go faster, more money gets…

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