We’re Looking for a Senior Copywriter!

Grady Britton is in search of an inspired Senior Copywriter to join our team of Makers. You really must love the craft of translating a strategy into an idea, a line, an approach, a few paragraphs, a singular provocative thought that connects with an audience and changes the course of their day for that moment. Ideally you get that words don’t work alone, but are delivered best with design and visual ideas. And you can think, create, and ideate with them in mind, too. 
You must have examples of your ability to nail a concept and bring it to life—by script, or copy, or visual direction—across a wide variety of channels: online (from simple banner ads, to complete web site experiences), print, tv, video shorts, even radio. 
We are huge believers in brands with voice. With heart. With an ability to connect emotionally with a human audience vs relying on gags, or spectacles, or good-enough. And all of that has to come from somewhere—and someone. Just like you. 
And all that above? You’re familiar and even okay with the pace at which all this work happens. Sometimes super-balling from one project, or part of a project, to something completely different that calls for an entirely other train of thought or perspective. 
Must be brimming with initiative and self-starterness. You’re part of a team, you rely on your team, and your team is relying on you. You’re as responsible and accountable as you are brilliant and never-endingly capable. 
So— if you are a copywriter with 6+ years experience in advertising, with an amazing knack to generate ideas and spin them into all of the cool new communications platforms we have at our disposal today, please apply. 
You should be super-organized and love doing research to make your copy ring true to your clients’ needs. You are not afraid to speak up in front of your peers or your clients. 
We will only consider you if you send us a resume, samples of your work (preferably electronically, websites preferred), salary requirements and no typos in any copy anywhere. Applications can be sent to [email protected]
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November 28, 2018
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