Rosey Awards for two Grady Britton clients

Grady Britton won a Rosey Award for Travel Portland workCongrats to our clients Travel Portland and Howard S. Wright! The work that GB did for both of these brands was recognized last week at the PAF’s Rosey Awards, the granddaddy of all Portland creative awards shows. The first big moment of the night was Travel Portland’s ASAE booth called “Portland Live” winning a Rosey for Best Consumer Environment/Exhibit. To support Travel Portland at their annual ASAE event for meeting planners, GB developed “Portland Live” to show event attendees in St. Louis the awesomeness of Portland by giving them a LIVE tour of the city. GB projected live-broadcast feeds of various activities in Portland on large displays in their booth. Visitors to the booth could see eight venues around Portland, where we stationed cameramen who broadcast using iPads as cameras and a brand new iPad app for Ustream, the online broadcast platform. Portland Live!: Behind the Scenes from Brett Eichenberger on Vimeo. Grady Britton won a Rosey Award for HSW pocket guideThe other highlight from the show was Howard S. Wright’s pocket guide being honored with a Merit Award in the Print Collateral category. This charismatic booklet was created to help the company’s employees learn about the acquisition of their company by Balfour Beatty Construction. We enjoyed the show, but more than that, we continue to appreciate the great clients who give us the opportunity to do great work. Thanks to you and to the teams who made this magic happen.

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December 5, 2011
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