We’re Looking for a Senior Art Director!

Grady Britton is looking for a Sr. Art Director with demonstrated experience thinking conceptually– i.e. starting from a creative brief (and in some cases, informing the actual creative brief) — and then turning concepts into compelling art direction or design solves across a variety of channels. You make the things the world sees and loves.

You should be able to think and present work that expresses a solution (mood boards, design themes, etc) and also move those into actual application and full fidelity execution. You should have experience doing this on large scale campaigns involving print, digital, video, event, display– offline and online– everything a big brand needs to reach an audience today.

Chemistry is as important as ability. This person will be working intimately with a GB team (Account Lead, Channel Lead, and a CD/writer, primarily), each of whom values another strong partner in their circle. Do people like you and admire your talent? Come on in.

We see this role as working closely with one particular client of ours (approx 70% of time) where your abilities with and knowledge of illustration, graphics, imagery, and all sorts of eye candy will come into play. You will still “direct” other production partners as needed, but in some cases might do a good deal of early heavy lifting and design direction yourself. You should be senior enough to lead presentations and discussions with design-savvy clients. That magical ability to make yourself irresistible is a definite plus.  

You should be familiar and comfortable working efficiently and in timely fashion. We value craft always, yet don’t always have the time we wish we had for development of certain projects — that’s advertising reality. But by working closely and communicating with other members of the team, we find ways to apply the attention and care a job well done deserves.

Communication, communication, communication. Proactive communication with direct team members and other agency folks is expected.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES go something like this:

  1. Own the process and the deliverables of strategically-sound and creatively-inspired work; you can hold yourself accountable
  2. You can mentor and lead up and coming creatives and designers; heck, you can even learn from them, too.
  3. Can effectively communicate and work directly with team members; you’re not afraid to speak up or contribute your POV
  4. Present and translate creative work in small and large-group settings; we can all get better with our presentation skills, but you’re at least game for it
  5. Manage your energy to assigned project timetables, budgets and expectations; know when and where to give it full gas
  6. Work successfully with a Copywriter as the lead creative team on assignments; ready for that responsibility you two?
  7. Work collaboratively with other team members to see that the whole team’s vision for delivering an overall great client experience happens 


Please submit resume and cover letter to [email protected] 


Grady Britton is a full-service creative agency, 30 people strong, focused on building business for brands that have a “people-first” focus. We were one of the very first agencies in our area to become certified as a B-Corp, putting our skills and capabilities to work building relevant, personal brands and facilitating lasting, healthy behavior change.

Developing and maintaining remarkable, personable brands, and expressing them through all facets of marketing and media is what we do best. We believe each and every employee makes a difference. We will tap into the skills you bring and provide you an opportunity to stretch and learn new skills so you grow and feel challenged. We care about our people and want you to love what you do and where you do it.

Get a better feel for us at gradybritton.com

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May 25, 2018
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